Frequently asked questions

  1. Where do I find the latest information on the location of my parcel? Tracking your parcel on will give you the most up-to-date information about the status of your shipment. Check back periodically for shipment progress updates..
  2. Do I have to be a business to use this? Can anyone use FastFlex Cargo?You do not have to be a business to use our services—anyone can sign up! Any individual can use FastFlex Cargo for personal shipping
  3. Can you guarantee the exact delivery date?We strive to ensure timely deliveries, but guaranteeing an exact delivery date can be challenging due to various factors such as weather conditions, customs clearance, and transport disruptions. However, we do offer expedited and premium shipping options that provide more precise delivery windows. For shipments with critical deadlines, we recommend discussing your needs with our customer service team. They can help you choose the best solution to minimize delays and keep you informed throughout the shipping process.
  4. How can I intercept or redirect a package that has already been shipped?Once a package has entered circulation with the our carrier, you’ll need to contact the carrier directly to see if it’s possible to have the package intercepted or redirected. Each carrier has different eligibility requirements and processes for requesting this service.
  5. Is it possible to reissue documents for receipt while the goods are on the way?Yes, at FastFlex Cargo, we understand that documentation needs can change unexpectedly. We can certainly reissue documents for the receipt while your goods are en route.You can reach out to our customer service team with your information, and we’ll ensure the updated documents are processed and sent to you promptly..
  6. Should we purchase additional insurance?Purchasing additional insurance is always a prudent consideration, especially for high-value or fragile shipments. While FastFlex Cargo offers standard liability coverage, additional insurance can provide extra peace of mind by covering the full value of your goods against potential risks such as damage, loss, or theft during transit.

    Here are a few points to consider when deciding whether to purchase additional insurance:

    Value of Goods: If your shipment contains high-value items, additional insurance ensures full coverage.
    Fragility: For fragile or easily damaged items, extra coverage can protect against accidents.
    : If the shipment is going to a location with higher risk factors (e.g., geopolitical instability, higher rates of theft), additional insurance can mitigate potential losses.
    Specific Requirements
    : Some clients or regulatory bodies might require certain insurance levels for shipped goods.If you decide to purchase additional insurance or need more information on our insurance options, our customer service team is available to assist you with the process.

If you still have any inquiries or questions, you can speak to a customer care representative.