By Air

One of the primary benefits of air shipping with FastFlex Cargo is the remarkable speed. Air freight is the fastest mode of transportation, making it ideal for time-sensitive shipments. Whether you need to send high-value items or urgent materials, our air shipping services ensure your goods reach their destination promptly. This expedited delivery capability is particularly beneficial for industries where timing is crucial, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and high-fashion goods.

Reliability is another cornerstone of our air shipping services. Regular flight schedules and minimal transit times contribute to the dependability of air freight. FastFlex Cargo has established robust partnerships with leading airlines, allowing us to provide consistent and punctual service. This reliability ensures that businesses can meet their delivery commitments and maintain smooth operations.

Security is a critical aspect of our air shipping solutions. The inherent security measures of air freight, combined with FastFlex Cargo’s stringent handling protocols, offer unparalleled protection for your shipments. Our advanced tracking systems provide real-time visibility, allowing you to monitor the progress of your goods from origin to destination. This transparency enhances security and enables proactive management of potential issues.

Air freight specialists since 1983

We offer:

  • Port-to-port LCL and FCL sea freight services to over 500 international ports.
  • Free price comparison for a variety of routes and vessels.
  • An easy-to-use booking system – with prices inclusive of all associated charges up to the destination point.
  • An optional collection service from an address of your choice.
  • Support with shipping documentation. Our customer care team will assist you for the duration of your shipment and beyond.

Global Air Shipping

FastFlex Cargo’s global air shipping services are designed to navigate the complexities of international logistics with ease. Our experienced customs brokerage team handles all necessary documentation and compliance checks, ensuring your shipments clear customs smoothly and efficiently. This expertise minimizes delays and ensures a hassle-free experience.

Our global network is a testament to our reach and reliability. With strategic partnerships and facilities worldwide, FastFlex Cargo offers extensive coverage and reliable connections to virtually any destination. This global reach is complemented by local expertise, allowing us to manage regional regulations and market dynamics effectively.

Advanced technology is integral to our global air shipping services. Real-time tracking systems provide detailed insights into your shipment’s status, offering peace of mind and ensuring you are always informed. Tailored solutions are a hallmark of our approach. Whether you need expedited delivery, temperature-controlled shipping, or handling of hazardous materials, FastFlex Cargo develops customized strategies to meet your specific needs.

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